Serious Case Reviews

The DSCB has a statutory duty to undertake a serious case reviews in particular situations. Theses reviews are designed to help people learn and improve practice. It is not about apportioning blame, but improving the work of all practitioners to try and reduce the possibility of children being harmed by abuse and neglect.

When a Serious Case Review is undertaken:

LSCBs are required to consider undertaking a Serious Case Review (SCR) whenever a child dies and abuse or neglect are known or suspected to have taken place.

Other circumstances that may lead to a SCR are:

  • A child receives a potentially life-threatening injury or serious impairment of their health, as a consequence of abuse or neglect
  • A child is subjected to serious sexual abuse
  • A parent has been murdered and a homicide review has been initiated
  • A child has been killed by a parent with a mental illness
  • There are concerns about the way different organisations worked together

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